Saturday, March 19, 2011

Trip to Houston

Kim and I went to Houston with our kids a few days ago to the children's museum there. It was really cool! Well, for the kids anyway. I couldn't play with all the neat stuff they had and Avery was too young to really enjoy it but it is definitly a place you should take your young children to someday.

We were finished going through and letting the kids play at about 2pm, so we decided to drive an extra 45 min to the beach. That was fun too! We got sand all over the place but the kids REALLY enjoyed it. It was Avery's first time to the beach, but I didn't let her touch or play in the sand because I want Alex to be there for that! I got some cate pictures of everyone playing in the water and I'll post them once I get them on my computer.

We started to head back home at around 4:45pm and didn't get back to Burleson until almost midnight! It was a crazy long day but I really enjoyed it! Pictures will be coming soon. Laura


Moore Family said...

Um pictures? We are still waiting :0)